Barnyard In My Backyard!


I finally picked up my chickens yesterday. The funny thing was, I wasn’t ready. Sometimes we’re never really ready for things, but they just seem to happen anyway. On my way home, with my girls clucking in the backseat, I realized I needed some hardware for the coop door, so I stopped. Then I needed food so I stopped at Tractor Supply, which is my all time favorite store. You aren’t a farmer or wannabe farmer unless you’ve shopped at TSC. I love that place. It makes me feel grounded! I know, weird!


I got the girls settled into their new home and then set out to take care of their basic needs. Food & water. This morning I remembered the oyster shell and they went right for it. They took to their roost and all three climbed to the top and snuggled for the night. Honey even went out at 9:30PM before we went to bed, just to check on them. He really does love me!!!

This morning I set about finishing up on securing their fence. Our Cocker Mix, Lady has been watching them like a hawk! She whines and whines, saying, “oh I love chicken!” I keep telling her they are Mama’s Girls. She doesn’t care, she wants chicken! Boomer, our lab seems to neither care one way or the other. They catch his attention, but he doesn’t care.

I’ve got them penned up for 3 days in their coop, to teach them that this is their new home. They are establishing a pecking order and poor little Roxie is loosing this one. I brought home a little pullet Barred Rock hen. She has a broken wing and I didn’t want her going in the stock pot. At least this way, I know she won’t try to fly the coop. The others I’m not so sure of. If I were them and had Lady licking her chops, I’d stay put.

I was so tickled this morning when I went to take them food and water and found that Little Jenny Hen was sitting in the nesting box. She’d tried them both out and chose the one on the left and layed me a lovely brown egg.

I’ve given them some apples and lettuce from my garden. They seem quite content and can’t wait to greet their new friends….Boomer and Lady. I think I know where I’ll find Lady from now on. On this side of the fence!


(left to right)

Little Jenny Hen, Waldean & Roxie

Yes, there’s a purpose for their names. I love the name Little Jenny Wren, and I’d already called her Jenny, so I thought, why not Little Jenny Hen? Waldean is my mother in laws despised middle name. And Roxie was my Grandmother. My daughter Becca and I realized that we have a whole lot of great family names that would be great for our barnyard animals! There’s Sophie, Gertrude, Amelia, Edna and I’ll have to pull out the genealogy to get more. I may add one more chicken….we’ll see how there girls get along.


Little Jenny Hen


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