(the clouds reflecting the sun at sunrise on Peaceful Acres)

“Trust in The Lord with All your Heart

and Lean not On your own Understanding,


In all Your Ways, Acknowledge Him

and He WILL Direct your paths.”

This is one of my favorite scriptures when I can’t see far down the road. Jesus commanded us NOT to worry. He said, that tomorrow will take care of itself. And who by worrying could even add a single hour to his life.

As emphasised in the name of our farm and my blog, Peaceful Acres; peace is a valuable fruit of the Spirit for me. Maybe, in part it’s my temperament to strive for peace. And trust me, I’m not always one to promote peace. But, in all honesty I long for peace. I hunger for it.

Peace in my Spirit. Peace with my loved ones. Peace with my neighbor. Peace with mankind.

Most importantly Peace with GOD.


Today it is cold and rainy and for some reason, I’m very contemplative. My soul is at peace. I know that the state of our country is in uncertainty. Financial difficulties are facing many. Health crisis’s are endless. Relationships are being pulled apart every where.

But, today I am seeking peace. Jehovah Shalom. The Lord is Peace.

I read a blog that encourages me spiritually. Today I visited Eyes of Wonder and found a wave of peace come over my soul. As Jewel’s music began I felt myself melt, resting in the quiet nature of this gentle woman.

I decided to stop researching and racing about. I made a decision to find peace.

So, I pulled out my much loved Spinning Wheel and began to spin. During the busyness of the summer, I don’t have time to do many “crafty” things that I enjoy like sewing, spinning, dyeing, etc. for the need to focus on gardening and the endless hours of yard work.


My Ashford Spinning Wheel was the first item I ever won on ebay. I took one class and was hooked. For me it’s just like riding a bike. I can pick up where I left off. I tend to spin a double ply Worsted Weight yarn which works for just about any project.

I started this sweater a few yrs ago and ran out of yarn. It’s a gorgeous periwinkle blue. It wasn’t hard to find more since it’s a commercial dye lot. I’ve learned since my earlier yrs of spinning and knitting that it takes more than 1 lb of roving for a sweater. Usually about 1.5 lbs, so the remaining can be used for hats and gloves.


I’ve never been one for jargon. I used to be a blue ribbon quilter and couldn’t tell you a ditch from a border. But I could quilt! Spinning is the same. I can tell you I like roving over top. I like a long draw (?) and I love Blue Faced Leicester Wool. But that’s about it.


(I call this Northern Lights!)

I love the rhythm of the peddle and the wheel in unison.

It brings me peace.

It’s good to find quiet time. We stay so busy in our society that we don’t have a chance to hear the voice of God. We fill our lives with noise. Some of us do it intentionally. It blocks out our pain.

I hope you’ll find time today or tomorrow or this weekend to be quiet. Put on some peaceful music and connect with the God who created you. The God who loves you and cares about the smallest issues of your life.


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