From The Neck Down

I finally finished Honey’s sweater. I started it last fall and ran out of yarn. But I finished it in time for his birthday this year. Surprisingly, I remembered the name of the yarn and was able to order another skein. I love the patterns that are from the neck down. They always fit perfectly. This ones from Knitting Pure & Simple and is the V Neck Down Pullover for Men. The yarn is from Hand Painted Yarn. It’s handspun bulky that’s also kettle dyed from a cooperative of women in rural Uruguay. I have 8 skeins in Bordeaux and I think I’m going to make this one for me.

Hopefully when I go over to Jehovah Jirah Farm to pick up my fresh turkey, I’ll be able to stop by Dancing Leaf Farm to pick up some Autumn Roving to spin this winter. And if things are really going my way, she’ll also have some undyed white and gray roving, since I’ve already spun 1 lb and need at least 1.5 lb for a sweater. I’d like to knit another Vneck for Honey.

Autumn Roving (isn’t it beautiful, it spins up so wonderful!)

I love visiting Dancing Leaf Farm at the base of Sugar Loaf Mountain. And I enjoy following the musings of Dalis on Sheep Tales.


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