Monday Morning Dates

Seems as if I’ll be having Monday morning dates with LabCorp for a while.  How long?  We don’t know yet, but it will be every two weeks.  My doc did nail down the reason that I am severely anemic.  It’s called Hemolytic Anemia.  I have a foreign invader destroying my red blood cells at a rapid rate.  They are being blown up!   He found it using a test called Coomb’s.  That test isn’t often used and he hasn’t seen this since he was a resident.   But I’m grateful that I have the best doc in the world and he took a shot in the dark…and BINGO!  It was positive.  The question now is why???

My doc is running more tests to find out “what” the invader is.  It’s not RA or Lupus.  He thinks I was reinfected in June and it’s Babesia again.  Babesia is a parasitic tick borne invader, a cousin to Malaria.  Not a very nice infection.

Good new is that by increasing my intake of hemoglobin building foods like juicing raw liver, eating fermented dried apricots in the form of apricot butter, crispy almonds, drinking beet kvass, pineapple chutney and enjoying bone broth daily with Miso, I have raised my RBC count 4 pts.  My doc emphasized just how marvelous that was.  When you are down as low as I was, every little bit is a back flip wonderful!!!

Since my liver can’t keep up with all the dead RBC, my liver enzymes are up and since it can’t filter them all out, they go into my blood stream and so my bilirubin is up…, I’m taking 1,200 mg of Milk Thistle daily and doing coffee enemas for my liver and spleen.  I’m drinking fresh veggie juices which include lots of veggies and an apple, rifing for Bab’s and Bartonella and the other stuff, and taking Artemisiae again.  I either do a hot epsom salts bath with 32 oz of H2O2 or I use the FAR sauna at 135*F for 20 min’s. Plus all my other supp’s and great fresh foods.

Because my labs from the past have always been normal.  He’s fairly confident that this is a new infection.  I killed Bab’s once with Dr Zhang’s Artemisiae, so we will again.

Bartonella (cat scratch fever) has been extremely active.  I researched and read that it’s peak transmission is fall & winter.  My doc concurred that it would be likely that it’s peak activity in the body is the same.  In fact after talking to my sista, she has also experienced increased activity and pointing to each fall, just like me.  For me, it has settled in my spine.  It put my back out a few weeks ago and then transported itself to my tailbone over the weekend….talk about pain and at the same time it hit about the 5th or 6th vertebra.  So, I’ve been focusing my energy on detoxing and it’s working.  Plus since I know that this is Bart’s active time, I can rife more effectively.

Continue to pray for me.  My faith is not shaken.  It causes me to press into Jesus more for the strength that He can give me.  It is a challenge though.  I kid you not.

photo credit: Flickr


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