Planted Garlic

I ordered several garlic varieties from Johnny’s Selected Seed Co.

We should get our first frost tonight, so I got about 110 or so bulbs planted today.  They are about 2-3 inches deep and 6 inches apart.  I’ll mulch them with straw after they come up and before winter sets in.

I forgot to get a total count but it was something like, 5-6 Organic Elephant-mild (those were HUGE), 36 Organic Red Russian-stiffneck, 45 Organic White New York-softneck, and25 Organic Extra Hardy German-stiffneck.

This is my first year growing garlic.  I sure hope they produce, cause after I spent the money on these bulbs….well, lets just say, I had second thoughts!  Man what was I thinking.  I guess I can sell them at the farmers market next year to recoup some of the money!


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