Fall Harvests in Zone 7

Red Skin Potatoes

I planted 4 red skin potatoes from my local health food store on 8-4-08. I’d never planted a fall crop of potatoes and in fact I didn’t know that I could until my Mom mentioned it. Boy am I glad I did. I really am not too impressed with the “seed” Purple Majesty that I bought. They didn’t produce a very large crop. My greatest success with potatoes has come from purchasing “seed” potatoes from my local health food store and cutting them into 4-6 pieces each with an eye.

These are probably the most lovely potatoes I’ve ever grown. And I’ve been gardening for almost 30 years. Some are at least 3-4 inches in diameter. I think I have at least 10 lbs. In a 5 gallon bucket it filled it 1/3 full.

I’m really happy with these babies. And they taste so deliciously sweet. We had some the other night fried in coconut oil for my birthday dinner. Mmmmm

I planted spinach, kale, mustard greens, lettuce, carrots and beets also around 8-4-08, and they are doing well. Except for the kale and mustard. Some nasty little bug ate them to nubbins! I think it looks like a potato bug. I sprinkled some diatomateous earth but it didn’t phase them. They are still there looking for yummy food to eat. They didn’t touch the spinach. Hummm that makes me think whatever they are they like the cruciferous family. ????? I’ll have to get out the neem. I’m going to replant the mustard, kale and more spinach this AM. Hopefully my row covers will be here at the first of the week and I can get my little hoops made. It will be so nice to be able to have our own greens this winter.

Yesterday, is my unofficial first frost date. I use birthdays to do my frost dates. Ben’s b-day is May 16-last frost, mine is Oct 16-first frost. At least even if life is throwing me some curve balls like it’s been doing lately I have something that will ring a bell in my dense fog. I’m thankful that we’ve had a mild autumn. It’s only been really cold for a few days at a time. The grass hasn’t slowed down one bit. I’ve been cutting 5 acres every week since spring and I’m really tired of it.

So, here I go on another, hopefully my last, mowathon! I’ll see you again tomorrow. Cause this will take the good part of 4 hrs to complete…that doesn’t even include things like trimming, which usually doesn’t get done! I’m just too tired when me & John are finished with all this grass…John Deere that is!


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