Apricot Butter

My great discovery the other day, was to find out that the Nobel-prize winner, G.S. Whipple, praised apricots as “equal to liver in hemoglobin regeneration.”  Apricots are rich in betacarotene, magnesium, potassium, calcium and most importantly iron.  And since my second labs haven’t come back, I’m assuming I am very anemic and will work on building my hemoglobin.  Actually, in the past week since doing so, I have felt a bit better.  I seem to have more energy and I’m not winded when doing the simplest of things.

I picked up 5 lbs of dried Turkish Apricots at my local health food store and made Sally Fallon’s Apricot Butter from Nourishing Traditions!

It is absolutely delish!  I had it this AM on sourdough toast with raw butter and for lunch I had raw homemade yogurt with more apricot butter.  (I’m ready for seconds with a handful of crispy dried almonds!)

The recipe on page 110, says it makes 2 Qts….please note this is incorrect.  I only made half the recipe since I wasn’t sure if I’d like it and half was only 1/2 Qt.

It’s so good!!!!  And so simple.

4 C unsulphured dried apricots (that is about 2 lb)

1 Tablespoon sea salt

1/4 C whey

1/4-1/2 C raw honey  (watch the honey…they are already so sweet)

Cook apricots in some water until they soften.  Transfer to a food processor with slotted spoon after they’ve cooled slightly.  Add remaining ingredients and process until smooth.  Pack into qt jar and leave on counter for 2 days.



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