Our Cold Weather Solutions

For those of us living in the areas where the weather is getting colder, I’m always reminded of an item we use that I have a love hate relationship with. Mainly, I guess I really hate winter. I love the sun! I can already feel my lack of Vit D from my weekly dates with JOHN….JOHN DEERE! Four hours of sunshine 1x week was too good to be true…although at the time, I’d rather of been doing something else than cutting 5 acres!

My Honey and I have been “green” before it was cool to be “green”. In fact, lots of Becca’s friends and a few of my readers, think I’m an “old” hippy. In some ways I am. I was a flower child when I was a teen…flowers every where in my room. But Honey doesn’t think we’re hippies. We just live a simple life. One way to live simply is to keep what $$$ you can so you can use it as you like or need. And so you can give!!!! (one of my favorites!)

I love these panels because they keep our house warm. I hate them because I think they are ugly and because they close up the rooms from day light. If the sun is shining however we take them out of the windows and allow for passive solar. This post is for my new friend Paula, who lives in Alaska! Woo, talk about cold! Too bad we can’t get a little global warming on some of those frigid days!!!!! (I haven’t fallen for that one!)

I do care about the earth. But not in ways that others might. I don’t worship the earth, but I do worship the ONE who made the earth. It’s not that we think it’s better to be “green”. We care about our electric bill. I hate mailing a check to our electric company in the winter. It’s painful. Since our kids have moved out, our usage has dropped in HALF!!!

This is our new alternative to cutting back on our electric bill this winter.

We bought the 1,000 sq ft model with a blower. This is a much less expensive alternative to a wood stove and wood. It is suppose to cut our electric usage in half. That’s a big deal. Our electric bill currently is around $100/month, but come winter and since we only have electric heat, our bill goes over $500/month!!!!!!!!!!! BGE is warning us, our rates will increase……Really????

Now for the Insulated Window Panels

OK, now these things are ugly. I haven’t recovered them in years. I’ve got new fabric, but I just haven’t done it. You can see how tight it fits. There is quite a bit of sun today and there isn’t any coming in around the edges. Honey put some of that window sealer stuff around the edges to get a really tight fit.

Basically, the supplies are that blue building insulation…you can get it at a hardware store. Then we covered only one side (the side facing in), with insulated bubble wrap….we got this stuff back in the early 8o’s when no one but us were into solar or being “green”. It’s basically foil covered bubble wrap.

We don’t know what the R factor is on the panel, and I would really be stretching my memory to be correct on remembering the foil bubbles….it was a good R factor though. Or we wouldn’t have bought it!!!!!

I made a slip cover that fits tightly. Sew up three sides so you can take it off to wash.

You can see how tight it fits. It was a pretty sunny day and no light is coming in.

Then to cover all the ugliness, I pull down the mini-blind.

Man, does the room warm up in a hurry when these things go in the window.

Hopefully the new infrared heater will keep our feet a lot warmer.  Having an unfinished basement sure makes for cold floors, even though they have a lot of insulation in them as well.  Hey, if Honey can insulate it, then it’s insulated!!!

Like I said before, we are Mr & Mrs Frugal!!!


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