My Plan

I’ve been reading about anemia of course on the web all morning.  It’s amazing that there are so many reasons and so many different types of anemia.  Since I don’t have enough information yet, I’m going to work with my diet.  I found a wonder Herbal Tonic that I’ll fix up today…..hoping I have yellow dock root,opps, I know I don’ t have any molasses, so it looks like I need to stop at the Health Food Store before swimming class.

An iron-rich herbal tonic can also me made using the following recipe:

  • soak 1/2 oz of yellow dock root and 1/2 oz dandelion root in 1 qt of boiled water for four to 8 hours
  • strain and simmer until the amount of liquid is reduced to 1 cup
  • remove from heat and add 1/2 cup black strap molasses, mixing well
  • store in refrigerator; take 1 tsp-2 Tbsp daily

Here is a list of foods that I can focus on, even though I already eat lots of these, I’ll take my Crispy Almonds with me in the car and munch on them before and after swimming.

It’s really amazing that I haven’ t drowned!!!  Think about it.  How on earth have I had the energy to do water jogging for an hour, twice a week?  Maybe it’s a God thing!!!  I do love God things!

And good news on that front…not only did I drop 1 pants size, I can fit (uncomfortably) into another size down from that.  So, that’s 2 pant sizes!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo!  Now I know why they tell you not to look at the scale, but to measure by how your undies fit! 😀


Hey I don’t see spinach on this list….isn’t spinach full of iron?  I cut a bunch from the garden for dinner.

Anyone who has anemia caused by poor nutrition should modify his or her diet to include more vitamins, minerals, and iron. Vitamin C can stimulate iron absorption. The following foods are also good sources of iron:

“Because light and heat destroy folic acid, fruits and vegetables should be eaten raw or cooked as little as possible.

Some examples of iron-rich herbs are dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), parsley (Petroselinum crispum), and nettle (Urtica dioica).”

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