I Maca. Do You Maca????

Ok. So, I’m digging for a post title that will peek your attention.

My Maca arrived three days ago and I’m ready to let you in on it.

My friend Ann Marie, yeah Kate’s mom, brought Maca to my attention. She claims that it has helped tremendously with her PMS symptoms and has aided raising her body temp which would be indicative of helping her adrenals.

Maca is a root vegetable that grows in Peru. It “promotes hormone balancing of all the endocrine glands, including the ovaries, testes, adrenals, thyroid, and the pancreas. It promotes healthy estrogen and progesterone levels in women, healthy sexual functioning in men and women, and increased energy and vitality.”

Sounds good. Uh?

It’s my hope that Maca will bring continued healing to my adrenals. Since battling Chronic Lyme Disease, I’ve had to give my adrenals TLC. They’ve taken quite a beating. But I’m living proof that they can heal with the right supp’s and with rest. The adrenals are like a bank account….money in, money out…no money in, no money out! (Well, until recently….don’t get me going why we’re in the economical situation we’re in!) BUT for most of us who live responsibly, no money in, no money out!

Whole World Botanicals has a wonderful relationship with a Peruvian community growing Maca. They use FAIR TRADE practices which I am totally in support of! I bought a bottle of loose Maca and I started with 1/4 tsp per day and will monitor that for a couple weeks to see if my body needs more. I still haven’t started my temp chart from Dr Rind, but should so I can better communicate with my doc. After my labs come back I want to be able to talk knowledgeably with him about my adrenals. He’s always in favor of using alternative treatments and I’m sure he will support this step as well.

Viana Muller PhD

Viana Muller, PhD, is co-founder and President of Whole World Botanicals.

I haven’t had any hot flashes since May, but Maca will aid my menopause as well. It compares favorably with herbs like Black Cohosh, licorice, and other phytoestrogen plants. It supports the libido, vaginal lubrication, mood balance, and energy. Maca helps the body make a better balance of it’s own hormones as reported by Dr. Viana Muller, PhD. She also claims that women who have had hysterectomies have also benefited from using Maca which supports adrenal gland’s production of sex hormones.

A little good news on the weight front. I’ve only lost a couple pounds, but more importantly since beginning my water jogging class at the community college, I’ve dropped one pants size in 4 weeks. I feel better, I feel toned and I feel encouraged. Hopefully with Maca on my side, I will be able to drop another pants size and be quiet content and healty to boot!


Tips to Heal Your Adrenals

1. Sleep-it’s important to get plenty of restful sleep. No lights on in the room. Melatonin is only made in a completely dark room. Also go to sleep before 10PM every night. Every hour of sleep that you get before 12 Midnight is a 2:1 benefit.

2. Rest during the day. Don’t over work yourself. Remember the bank account. Energy out, rest in.

3. Don’t stress out. Stop watching TV if it is stressing you. Stop worrying about politics or the economy….it’s going to happen whether you worry about it or not.

4.  Stop fostering unhealthy relationships.  Ditch the abuse and neglect.  One sided relationships aren’t worth the effort!

5. Take supp’s that will help rebuild your adrenals. I take 50 mg Iodine from Dr Ron’s, 500mg Bovine Desecrated Thyroid w/ Liver,1/4 tsp of Maca and 1000 mg Vit C.   These are aiding my adrenals.

6.  Spend time in prayer and meditation on Scripture.  Prayer has been proven to reduce stress and promote health!

7.  Ditch the addiction to caffeine!  It’s draining to the adrenals!!!!


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