So far this is the best informative video I’ve seen on Lyme Disease. Not only does it give one knowledge which leads to power, BUT it also gives one HOPE! HOPE is what I feel I’ve been called to give those suffering. If you watch very many of the other videos on Lyme Disease, you will soon be so depressed and hopeless that you want to give up and die. That is why I didn’t watch them when I was near death. This is why I fill my mind with truth and hope.

And that is why I BELIEVE!!!!

I have never had ONE day on ABX (antibiotics) for Chronic Lyme Disease. YET, I am 100% recovered today. It is my goal and wish to teach others with this disabling disease, that they too can recover.

In my opinion drugs are not the answer! They are only a short term fix.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This is only my opinion and experience.


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