I’m Finished!

“You have made known to me the path of life;
you will fill me with joy in your presence,
with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”

Psalm 16:11

I broke my fast this AM with soft boiled eggs.  Last night I was in a lot of gastric pain and there wasn’t anything left in me….referring to yesterdays post….thank goodness that’s over! I’ll follow Dr G’s diet which is similar to the GAPS diet.

These are the foods he allows on Phase Two: all fish, eggs, poultry, liver and organ meat, red meat, yogurt and kefir, butter and buttermilk, all non-starchy veggies, veggie juices, and a limited amount of raw, unsalted nuts. Since discovering the NT (Nourishing Traditions) diet, I would recommend, all eggs and meats that are pastured and grass-fed, nuts that are soaked and yogurt and kefir made from raw dairy. Dr G didn’t know or wasn’t aware of the wide array of fermented foods when I last saw him in 2000, so I’ll be adding my ferments back into my diet since they are loaded with probiotics!

These are the foods not allowed: all breads, cereals, fruit, rice, pasta, corn potatoes, peanuts & cashews, fruit juices, milk & cheese and all sweets!

The idea is to weaken and starve the candida and yeast. He also recommend a good probiotic. I like Dr Ron’s Friendly Flora. Of course there are many other very good probiotics on the market. I don’t think I have any candida issues now, but I sure could stand to loose a few pounds. This could be my adrenals, so I’ll be addressing that in tomorrows post. Phase Two is basically the diet that I’ve been living with for the past 8 years. Not perfectly, but mostly and especially in the last 3 years except I have allowed myself the healing benefits of raw milk and raw cheese. However, it’s not much.

My daily indulgence is my Cuppa! I got off all caffeine and drink Dandy Blend. I like it with about 1/2-1 Cup of raw milk, with 1-2 Tbsp of raw cream, 1 Tbsp of Dandy Blend and then fill the mug up with hot water. I drink this in the Am & PM….it’s my treat!

Later today, I’m going for some blood work. I haven’t had any since 2005. Since I’m turning 50 in three weeks and I’m nearly 100% healed of Lyme Disease, I just thought it was a good idea. One test my doc is running is called a CD57. It’s a test docs can run on Lyme patients to see how their immune systems are functioning against the disease. I’m very excited. He said anything over 150 is a very, very good sign! The lower the numbers the sicker one is. So, I can’t wait.

I’ve believed for 3 years that I would be healed in Oct of 2008. I just felt it down deep in my Spirit and I never lost faith. I’ve prayed diligently for wisdom. Asking God to show me the foods that would heal me. Asking God to lead me down the right path. The path of life.

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