Wintertime Cold Remedy

Today I made my first batch of Elderberry Cordial. It is absolutely delish! In fact, I’m kinda glad I woke up with a sore throat just so I can have a sip every few hours!!! 😉

Today, we talked to our daughter, Becca who’s in going to school in Germany. She’s got a bit of a cold from the cold and drafty old castle she’s living in. So, I’ll be sending her some to keep her well this winter. She said it’s freezing there.

I picked 4 gallons of elderberries in August when they were ripe. I froze them in gallon size freezer bags because at the time I didn’t know what to do with them. So glad I did. They are best left frozen until you need them. Since the syrups and cordials don’t keep indefinitely, I’ll just make it as we need it. Give the bag a shake and the berries fall off the stems! Pick out whatever stems you can, but don’t worry because you’re going to strain it later.

Elderberry Cordial

(Sambucus canadensis)

1 Qt Elderberries

1 C water

Heat and simmer for 40 min’s and mash during simmering.

Strain and press to get all the goodness out.

Add to juice:

1 tsp of fresh ginger

1 tsp of whole cloves

Return to the stove and simmer another 15 min’s

Strain again.


1:1 elderberry juice to raw honey (Taste it as you go, you don’t want it toooooo sweet)

then add 1/2 the ratio of elderberries in Brandy (of course you can make a syrup w/o the Brandy)

(I had 2 C elderberry juice and added 1.5 C honey because it was sweet enough, while the liquid was still very hot I added 1 C Brandy to dissipate the alcohol.)

Bottle it and store in the frig.


Elderberries have more antioxidants than blueberries. It will cut a cold/flu duration in half and will snuff it out if you catch it early. When you feel a cold coming on take 1-2 tsp every 4 hours. You can drink it straight or dilute in water.


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