The Importance of Vitamin D in Healing

I started to see my health turn around when I began eating lots of Vitamin D rich foods. One of the important elements to healing that Weston A Price found in his research was fat soluble vitamins. Vitamin D is just one of those fat soluble vitamins. It is essential in cell regeneration, and every cell in the body has Vitamin D receptors.(1,2)

So how do we get Vitamin D and more specifically Vitamin D3?

The sun, but only if you have cholesterol in your blood to absorb it.

Raw Dairy!

Lots of Raw Butter!

Cod Liver Oil!

Eel has some of the highest amounts next to Sardines!

Pastured Eggs, more specifically the yolks!

Beef Liver


Red Salmon


We have seen an increase in Cancer, Osteoporosis, Alzheimers, Chron’s Disease and other maladies according to The National Institutes of Health, all due to a deficiency of Vitamin D.(3)  Not only are most Americans deficient in Vitamin D according to Mayo Clinic in 2006, they are also deficient in minerals and elements.

Vitamin D technically is a hormone that signals the gut to absorb calcium. However, it cannot do so without Boron. Boron is an essential trace element that is vital since it activates the intestines to absorb calcium and magnesium.

How do we get Boron? It’s a trace element found in rocks, soil, oceans and plants.

Food Sources of Boron (mg/100g)

Almonds 2.82 Hazelnuts 2.77 Walnuts 1.63 Raisins 4.51 Honey .50 Dates 1.08 Cashews 1.15 Dried Apricots 2.11 Red Kidney Beans 1.40 Lentils .74 Peanut Butter 1.92


Most Lyme victims have a lot of muscle pain and cramping due to the spirochetes feasting on magnesium in the body. Most doctors always recommend a magnesium supplement to their Lyme patients. However, looking at the data that I’ve reported on, Fat Soluble Vitamin D and Boron foods would be a better choice.


Why not try to implement these foods into your diet today? Snack on Crispy Nuts, raisins, organic dried fruit and peanut butter. Not too much of the dried fruit if you’re just starting. You don’t want all the sugar that comes with it. Don’t forget your Cod Liver Oil from Dr Ron’s and a table spoon or two of raw butter to start the day.

Photo Credit: Flickr

Resources: 1,2 Jerry Brunetti & Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride 3,


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