Annie Get Your Gun!

Our families have a long history of hunters. My dad was a duck & goose hunter. He also hunted deer and I remember a trip he took to Canada to hunt bear. Honey’s former job was in Wildlife Management when he hunted a lot. In fact since deer hunting with a gun is in the fall, we’d only been married for 8 months when he came home at dusk to get me. He’d shot a deer and the sun was quickly setting. He needed me to hold the flash light while he gutted the thing. That was a trauma for me which I quickly recovered from. I then proceeded to process that same deer a few days later, packing it for the freezer. Since that day, I’ve helped with many deer.

Honey’s Gpa, Uncle Wallace and his dad were great hunters. His dad worked for the USDA in Maryland as a geneticist where he had farm plots for his research. He always got lots and lots of kill permits since the deer were damaging his research plots. We always had plenty of venison to go around.

His Gma went out and bought a diamond ring when Gpa started hunting. She spent the same amount of money he did. Then every year when he’d spend more on hunting, she’d upgrade her diamond ring. We call it the “deer hunting ring”! It’s a a beaut!!!!!!

I told you a few days ago of a doe who found my garden smörgåsbords. I was down picking watermelon, peppers and popcorn this AM and found that she’d been back. She chopped my pole beans off at the knee and left her hoof prints as more evidence of her invasion.

That’s ENOUGH.

I’m mad now.

I’m really fit to be tied. Yesterday, my new swimming buddy, Kathy, told me, “she’ll be back tonight while you’re sleeping.” And sure enough she was.

For now our plan is to put Lady on a long chain tied to the apple tree tonight. We’ll leave her a little crate to sleep in. She’ll think we don’t love her anymore, but she’s our real guard dog. She’s a hunter to the very core of her being. Once she gets a sniff of that doe, she’s going to let her know who’s territory this is! Either that or she’ll howl at the moon all night!

However, in the past I’ve watched an encounter between Lady and the deer. Our electric dog fence only covers 2 acres of our 5. So she charges down to the line, chasing the deer. Once the deer are over the line they know the dogs can’t come any further. Then they stood there and stomped their feet at Lady. Then they jumped at her and said, “you’re no wolf!” (Ladies a little cocker mix) At that challenge she took off and ran toward the house with her tail between her legs! She’s not a big wolf like Boomer, but Boomer is old and tired. He’d never make a good guard dog at the garden. He only protects me!

I’m hoping she’ll have the guts to stand her ground tonight.

We’ll see.

A 7-8 foot fence is going to cost a fortune. I think a .22 locked and loaded is a better choice! But since it’s illegal to discharge one with this many houses this close, we’ll have to get the cross bow and practice so we can pack the freezer for the winter!

Venison stew is sounding yummy!

My question is, why have we allow the deer population in parts of Maryland to get out to control? In our county they allow you an unlimited number of does killed with a bow from, I think Oct-Jan! We have at least 8 does on our property alone. And at least 2-4 bucks. And every single year they have cute little fawns dancing in our back 40.

They cause crop damage and huge personal damage when they hit your car.

This is minor damage. In 1993 only two miles from my home, a deer went through a ladies windshield. It kicked her nearly to death. Put her in a coma of which she eventually died from injuries.

Please don’t tell me that Bambi is too cute to kill.

God gave man dominion over the animals.


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