Protect Your Turf!

My fall garden is doing great. Lots of mustard greens, spinach, new red skin potatoes, leaf lettuce, beets, carrots and my lima beans are coming. Plus the basil is still putting out nicely. My tomatoes are starting to peter out in the garden, but my compost tomatoes are still lovely!  I put in my order for garlic and it should arrive around my birthday, Oct. 16.  That’s our first frost date.  At least according to my calendar.  It’s easy to remember.  First frost, my b-day, last frost Ben’s b-day.  Who cares if it’s not perfect.  It’s something to go by and I don’t forget!

Aren’t my compost tomatoes beautiful?

My lopes were to die for. Sweeter than honey!

Yesterday after dinner, Honey and I were looking out of the kitchen door as the deer were grazing on our apples! Honey was locking and loading the pellet gun as I watched a doe waltz over to my garden. She stuck her neck out and said, “hey dinner!” One leap and she was over my 4 ft fence. I was fit to be tied!!!!! I ran out on the deck screaming at that doe like a crazy woman! Honey didn’t have time to take a shot. She was so startled that she jumped back over as fast as she went in. The small herd of 6-8 took off into our back 40. Honey went after them like a great hunter that he is. He got a couple in the rear and showed them who pays the tax on this joint!

I’m gonna get me a cross bow so I can pack my freezer! Meat on the hoof is all I see. That and deer ticks!

As you can see there’s NO WAY I’m sharing my garden with a herd of deer.

They were very interested in the new addition that I got up yesterday. It was as if they kept yelling, “hey take a look at this. I think it’s going to be a petting zoo!” They’d walk over and sniff the fence and walk around it to the apple tree.

I know. It looks like I was drunk when I did this. But I’m not a perfectionist, so all that mattered to me was getting it up so I can get my gurls soon! Their home is looking good. I need to put up some nesting boxes and Honey needs to put some new hinges on the door.

Can you believe this was a dog house? It’s big enough so all I have to do is open the door and step inside to gather the eggs. It’s just right for 4 nice lookin’ gurls!

Still needs some roosting poles.

Still needs some hardware cloth over the front door to keep out my least favorite critter!!!! SNAKES.

Funny thing is, I haven’t seen a one the whole summer. Not a one out in the back 40!

I plan to tack the bottom of the fence to these old split rail posts. That will keep out the predators and Lady!

I got these old gates from Gpa too. I’m not sure if I’ll use one. Right now it just seems like too much work. I do want my chickens before 2009! I can just lap the fence over and hook it somehow. OR I can get a ladder and climb over.


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