The Breakfast of Champions!!!!

Isaiah 55:2

“Listen, listen eat what is good and your soul will delight in the riches of fare.”

No, it’s not a box of Wheaties!!!

It’s milk fed pigs made into scrapple fried in lard, pasture raised chicken eggs with bright yolks, and sourdough whole wheat bread with raw butter. And don’t forget the glass of raw whole milk full of Vit D, B12 and folic acid. If you aren’t drinking raw milk then these vital nutrients are missing. Raw milk is still legal in almost half of the US states. Go here to find a source near you.

It’s the kind of food that our great grandparents ate without any signs of heart disease.

Before 1900, very few people died of heart disease. Since then, heart disease has become the number one killer in the United States.(1) In fact in the 1950’s President Eisenhower’s personal doctor had never treated a case of heart disease before Ike.

The rate of heart disease increased so sharply between the 1940 and 1967.(2) They want to blame this on technology and our sedentary lifestyle. But the truth is the blame goes to the industrialization of food. Processed cereals, processed meats, processed breads, processed fats, processed sugars…..the list goes on and on.

Here’s the low down on Cholesterol.

* Cholesterol is a vital part of every cell membrane

* Cholesterol makes adrenal hormones

* Cholesterol makes sex hormones

* Cholesterol makes myelin

* Cholesterol aids memory and learning

* Cholesterol makes Vit D

* Cholesterol aids immunity

* Cholesterol makes bile salts (3)


People with higher cholesterol live longer lives and older people need more cholesterol!

We’ve been lied to. The fact is that higher cholesterol is vital to good health and healing from a chronic illness like Lyme Disease. The truth is the drug industry needs false data to push their Statin drugs like Lipator.

You can find more information and data on The Weston A. Price Foundation.

(1) & (2) History of the Heart

(3) Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride


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