Pics from Ann Arbor MI

I was way too tired to post pics last night. It was a long weekend short on sleep.

I was up at 5:30 AM to catch my 9:19 flight out of Detroit Metro on Sunday. I arrived at 6:30 AM with my rental car. Checked in with Northwest and proceeded through security without a clitch. The Detroit airport is really a beautiful airport. It’s huge. My walk down to gate A8 was a long one so I took my time. Got a cup of hot herbal tea and sat down to watch the news and unwind. The flight on the board was for Vancouver. Then up went the info for Baltimore. Good. But the times just didn’t match up with my ticket, so I went to the counter to inquire.

What happened next is very typical of ME! I’m such an airhead. There’s a reason why I’m called Ditzy Di!

The gal looked at my ticket and said, “oh, you have a PM flight. WHAT??????????????? You’ve got to be kidding me, right????? No, it happens all the time. Let me get you on stand by for this flight to Baltimore. It’s full so we’ll have to wait until the very last minute and see if you get on.” She was happy I didn’t have a carry on and sent for my bag that was probably easy to find since it was the only 9:19 PM flight already checked in at 9:19AM!!!!!

So, I call Honey right away. He belts out a very big laugh….in fact his laugh went on for a while!!!

So, I sat for another hour or so. Waiting. Just as the last 3 passengers were boarding one was re routed and his seat became available for ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And as I was stepping foot into the airplane I just hung up with Honey and told him I made it. I didn’t care if my bag made it, I could always drive back for it, BUT it did!!

For me, this was all a God thing. He worked it all out.

Now, in the past I would have broken down in tears with stress bulging out of my neck and blood shooting out of my eyes. I would have blamed it all on the fact that I had Chronic Lyme Disease and no one understood. But not yesterday, I took it all in stride and went with the flow. I didn’t blame myself other than it’s pretty typical of me.

This is a good sign of healing. No tears. No stress.

The whole weekend was a God thing.

I was up on Friday at 3:30 AM and in Detroit by 7:30 AM. Picked up my rental car and got to the hotel at 9:30AM. They were so kind that they gave me my room so I could rest for the day. And I did.

Then I headed out to see Ann Arbor and to find some food that I could eat.

I found this little Indian joint.

They had a lunch buffet and I enjoyed every last bite. I ate with my right hand just as I learned in India. Let’s face it. It just taste better that way!!! Hopefully not too many customers were grossed out!

Then I walked the city to see The University of Michigan

Lovely Old Congregational Church

There were bikes every where all over the city.

The library.

I love all the old buildings, they have so much character.

Signs were every where. School had only started 10 days ago. So lots of info, lots of events.

One building I never would be seen stepping foot into!!!!!

What’s with the clock tower? It seems like there’s a tower on every University campus.

Class of 1895!!!!

Couldn’t quite figure out this fountain.

Another angle.

I grew up in Newark Delaware the home of The University of DE and we were also the Blue & Gold!

Ann Arbor reminded me somewhat of Newark.

I had to pick up a couple gifts for the Coe’s at Moe’s!!!!

And as I was leaving town I spotted Google. I don’t know if they have a head quaters here, but since they are my favorite search engine I thought I’d pop of pic as I got the green light!

I spent the whole day waiting for Ann Marie and Kate to arrive. Sorry it’s so dark.

Kate and Ann Marie were my room mates for the weekend. I played nanny since I’m an early to bed gal. Kate and I went to bed while Ann Marie stayed up chatting with Kelly the Kitchen Kop.

Kate is such a good baby! So happy and healthy.

She loved playing with the dresser drawer, hiding things and pulling them out. It’s amazing how babies can stay entertained with so little.

My fan club.

(L to R)

Kelly the Kitchen Kop, Julie, Valorie, Cat, ME, and Ann Marie

My adoring fan club. Those who are closest to my heart.

Cath, Cath’s husband, Summer

Sally Fallon-Morell and Geoff Morell

Sally is the president of The Weston A Price Foundation in D.C.

at the end of a long day and Geoff could still remember that I lived in Howard County.

Must be all that raw butter and Cod Liver Oil.


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