Happy Labor Day! #2

We hold them in our arms for a little while, but in our hearts forever!

September 3, 1984 was my literal Labor Day. I went into labor with my first born daughter on labor day.

She was very disagreeable about leaving the womb for this harsh world.

After 31 hrs of labor, she did so with great health and vitality.

Weighing only 5.15 lbs and being 18 inches,

she was a tiny peanut born full term to the day!


I am in labor pains again, 24 years to the day as I release her into this harsh world.

My Becca left early this AM to travel half way around the world to be a part of YWAM for the next 7 months.

She’s full of spunk and adventure and we know that this is the beginning of a life change for all of us.

She will celebrate her 24th birthday on Air Berlin and as the day comes to an end, she will arrive in Herrnhut Germany.

My kids…Ben & Becca

Hold them while you can.

As a home school mom of 15 years, I grew especially close to my children. Many warned us when we started that venture. Becca and I clashed terribly. She was a very strong willed child. But God took those years of dedication and sacrifice and made something completely beautiful out of it.

Today, Becca is a lovely, talented, and Spirit controlled woman.

She’s the true pride of a mother’s heart.

With “her girls” that she discipled for 6 years at Grace Community Church.

She left quite an imprint.

She loves friends, fun and foolin around!

I will miss her everyday.


My dearest and closest girl friend has left for a life of her own. A life that God has planned for her since birth. Actually before birth, “he has written all the days ordained for me before one of them came to be.” Psalm 139:16

Fly Baby Fly!

Photo Credit to Facebook & Flickr


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