Desert Places

These are some entries from my spiritual journal dated Jan 6, 2007.

Times of great trials and hunger for me while on my journey with lyme disease.

“God leads me into the desert places to rest and wait upon Him.

It is in the desert that I learn to persevere.

James 1 talks about when perseverance has finished its work, making me complete and mature.

Jesus spent much time learning and listening to the Father in the desert with times of rest and quietness.

It is in the desert that the devil tries to tempt us. It is there that we must cry out, “it is written”, because it is there that we feel so totally dry and helpless and abandoned.

The desert was never the destination it was only a resting place along the way.

It is in the desert that God gives us green pastures to lie down in and rest on our journey.

Jesus did His greatest miracles in the desert.

Once He fed 5,000.

It was in the desert that the people were the hungriest and He met their needs.

He fed them and they were filled.”

The reason I chose this photo by James Neeley in Flickr was because of the mountains in the background of the desert.


Another entry in my journal shortly after this was:

“We want so badly to go to the mountain top first-but we must all walk through the valley and climb to the top. Oh how tiring it is to climb a mountain. Thank God we don’t have to climb it alone.

Jesus the Good Shepherd walks with us up to the mountain top.”


And when we get to the mountain top, we will find rest yet again, beauty and a gentle stream for refreshment!

And oh the view of where we’ve come from.

The trials that are past and the new journey that is ahead.


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