Show & Tell Weekend

I was cleaning house yesterday and realized I had some really cool finds.

Trust me cleaning house hasn’t been on the top of my priority lists this summer so I just forgot about these treasures.

I got many of them cozy in there new homes and knew you’d like to see them.

An Old Saw, Old Meat Grinders, Old Sheep Shearing Thingies, Old Washstand

I made the basket years ago.

My in laws gave me the old washstand and the meat grinders.

And they seem to be in good working condition. Maybe I’ll use them to grind goat & lamb burger.

An Old Printers Typeset Draw that was given to me. The really cool part is that my Gpa & my dad were printers. As a kid we had an old printing press with all these drawers. When I looked at this baby the next day a little closer I found something way cool……

My maiden name on the handle….HAMILTON.


Someone gave me this Depression Glass Plate and it goes well with my Gma’s Depression Glass Cream & Sugar Set.

I found these old linens at a yardsale.

It’s a table cloth that would be lovely as the back of a small quilt.

I just knew it was April Cornell.

I can see these Twin Quilts in our Little Cabin that we’re retiring to.


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