Love On Somebody Today

Zeph.3:17 “God rejoices over you with singing!”


Today I’m volunteering at The Baltimore Free Store.

(yes that’s it in the above photo-no glitz, no glam)

(photo credit: CrispSeptember)


Jesus said, whatever we do for the least of these we do it unto Him.

If you missed my post on being the church vs. going to church you can read it here.

Yes it will be dirty, yes it will be hot. And a lot of stinky.

I’m not sure that sitting on a cushioned seat in the AC for an hour is what Jesus had in mind.


Matthew 16:17
“Jesus came back, “God bless you, Simon, son of Jonah! You didn’t get that answer out of books or from teachers. My Father in heaven, God himself, let you in on this secret of who I really am. And now I’m going to tell you who you are, really are. You are Peter, a rock. This is the rock on which I will put together my church, a church so expansive with energy that not even the gates of hell will be able to keep it out.”


Wo, so expansive with energy! The amazing thing is that Peter was the disciple with foot in mouth syndrome. I relate so well to Peter. He and I are cut out of the same bolt of cloth. Out of all the disciples it’s Peter that I look to for my life example of following Christ. Even unto death. Right now, it’s death to my flesh.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to go to church. But if all you do is go, sit, and leave then yes, there is something wrong with that. I want so much more. I want to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

I hope you’ll reconsider how you are showing the love of Jesus to those around you.


Love in action….it’s something that I really learned from my kids. My adult kids are awesome! They are the ones who really taught me how to love on others. I think both of our kids would rather volunteer for the rest of their lives, but in our world it doesn’t pay the bills. Funny isn’t it.

Let me take this time, since my Becca is leaving for Germany to do something that she taught me called the “comfy chair”….so sit down my dear Becca and let me love on you.

You are love.

You are committed to others.

You are a leader.

You are a mothers greatest joy.

You are my best girl friend.

You are a daughter of the King.

You are strong.

You are dedicated to others.

You are gifted and talented.

You are faithful.

You are honest.

You are trustworthy.

You are beautiful, inside and out.

You are awesome.

You are energized.

You are pure.

You are my Becca Boo.

You are love.


Go out and love on someone today. Tell them. Show them.


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