Finally a use for Pantyhose

Well, I’ve done it. I’m about to hang myself with these things. In all my 50 years of living, I’ve NEVER liked pantyhose. Who has???? But for the first time in my life, I’ve actually found some use for them and it’s a pretty good use too.

Kinda looks like a strand of pearls. It’s my onions.

They are finally cured and I’ve dropped them one by one into my pantyhose! (Can’t believe I wore a “B”!) I used twisty ties between each onion. This will prevent them from rotting and if one goes they all don’t go. And dropped all the left overs in the top.

The problem at this point is how to hang this lovely strand of onions. They are way too heavy to wear!

I’d cut these up trying to hang my melons. They are easier to handle in these shorter lengths, but not near as lovely.

By the way, these onions are called Walla Walla from Cook’s Garden and they are without a doubt the most wonderful onions I’ve ever tasted; sweet with a nice bite!

Footnote about Cook’s Garden. Everything I ordered from them which was just about everything, came in a quick manner. BUT, they zoned me wrong. I don’t know what program they use, but it’s wrong. So, they really messed up my plans to plant asparagus, which was zoned to arrive way too late, so I canceled it.

They also don’t get their orders correct. So, make sure if you do use them you always count your seed packs.

They are not small and therefore I won’t use them again. It’s not that I’m that unhappy with them, but I’d rather support the smaller guy who’s trying hard like Landreth Seed Co or some of the others in my links.


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