Off Again

Our son is off again hitting the trails for a few days. Ben lives life as a true free spirit. One day at a time. It’s really not a bad way to live, however it’s not quite the way of an American. He lives a stress free life. If it were up to him, he’d work when needed and play the rest of the time and invest in the lives of others. But, since he doesn’t really have that luxury, he works several part time jobs to pay his bills. He still has lots of free time to volunteer and hang out. College will start in a few weeks and his life will take on more discipline….we hope!

He called last night after our bedtime….however we were up watching “Larry King Live”, holding our breath about the Russians invasion of Georgia. That’s a serious topic but not for now.

Ben called to tell me he was hitting the trail again on Monday. Did I remember how many calories he needed and did I have any food for him? So, now my weekend will be spent preparing some food for him. Even though he lives stress free, he often causes me stress, because I’m a planning type of person, however spontaneous on occasion. But Ben is a totally spontaneous no planning type of a guy.

I came across this good site this AM trying to plan his packing list.

Hiking Dude has some good lists to go by, especially for those who fly by the seat of their pants.

I’ll make another batch of these Power Bars and see if I have any cuts of meat for Jerky.

Here’s a table of some foods, their approximate calories in 28g, and amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat:

Food Calories Fat Protein Carbs
banana 97 .5g 1.1g 24.7g
dried apple 68 .1g .3g 18.5g
dried apricot 67 .2g .9g 17.5g
raisins 84 .2g .8g 22g
tuna 33 .2g 7.2g 0g
cracker 142 7g 2.2g 17.4g
cheddar 113 9.3g 7g .4g
granola 137 6.8g 4.2g 14.9g
granola bar 137 6.7g 2.8g 17.7g
peanut butter 165 14.3g 7.2g 5.3g
peanuts 170 14g 7g 5g
jerky 116 7.3g .4g 3.1g

In many ways, I wish it were me hitting the trail and camping under the stars. I love the mountains and I love being in the elements close to my Creator.

Photo credit-flickr with links to original author.


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