20 Tips for Companion Planting

Louise Riotte is the author of Carrots Love Tomatoes Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening.

It’s a wonderful little book filled with invaluable information, pertaining to vegetables, herbs, and trees. I thought I’d post the ones that are of interest to me. I recommend this book to gardeners of all types.

This was one mistake I made this year.

#1 Beans are inhibited by any member of the onion family.

(no wonder my beans died after I planted the onions right next door!)

#2 Beans love carrots

#3 Beets like bush beans, onions and kohlrabi

#4 Beets are turned off by Pole Beans

#5 Lettuce & members of the cabbage family “like” beets

#6 Cabbage family is helped by hyssop, thyme, wormwood, and southernwood as they are helpful in repelling the white cabbage butterfly

#7 Good companions to the cabbage family are: celery, dill, camomile, sage, peppermint, rosemary, onions and potatoes.

#8 Cabbage dislike strawberries, tomatoes and pole beans

#9 Carrots companions are rosemary, wormwood and sage-they act as repellants to the carrot fly

#10 Sweet Corn does well with potatoes, peas, beans, cuc’s, pumpkins and squash.

#11 Don’t plant tomatoes near corn, the tomato fruitworm and corn earworm are identical

#12 Plant marigolds near the corn to deter Japanese beetles from chewing the corn silk

#13 Cuc’s like beans, peas, radishes and sunflowers and prefer some shade

#14 Sow 2-3 radish seeds in the cuc hills to prevent the cuc beetle

#15 Cuc’s dislike potatoes, but potatoes grown near cuc’s are more likely to be affected by phytophthora blight, so keep them apart

#16 Lettuce grows well with strawberries, cuc’s, and carrots

#17 Onions and all members of the cabbage family like each other, they also like beets, strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce, summer savory, and camomile.

#18 Onions do not like peas and beans

#19 Sweet Peppers like basil and okra

#20 Tomatoes-everyones favorite!

They dislike potaotes and fennel and don’t plant near potatoes since tomatoes will make potatoes more susceptible to potato blight. They like chives, onions, parsley, marigolds, nasturtiums, and carrots. Planting garlic between plants can protect them from red spider. Planting your tomatoes with asparagus after the young shoots have been harvested will benefit your asparagus.

Unlike other vegetables tomatoes prefer to grow in the same place every year. They are heavy feeders so make sure you give them plenty of compost and mulch especially during dry seasons to avoid wilt disease and blossom end rot.

Reference: Carrots Love Tomatoes

Of course the book has so much more info, so pick up a copy for your own reference.

Future posts will include tips for herbs and trees from Carrots Love Tomatoes.

I did plant marigolds heavily this year in the garden and I haven’t had a single Japanese Beetle. I’m not sure if the marigolds are the reason, but they sure looked pretty anyway.


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