Gardening in August~Zone 7

I was reading in the magazine Organic Gardening that when the hot summer temps are over 85 it’s hard for the plants to produce fruit and so they start to peter out. One suggestion was to place old screens over them to provide shade and to help cool things down a bit. So, I found some old screens in the basement and they are being put to some very good use.

We’ve had a remarkable wet spring and summer until a week ago. I had to water yesterday and today, hoping to get my new seeds up.

These are my Indian Eggplant which are really doing great and I just love them. These are the little kind I would eat in India. I fix them the way that they did for us. Heat a skillet with EVOO and add bite size pieces of eggplant, a chopped up tomato, onion, and lots and lots of garlic. Throw in salt, cayenne and some brown mustard seed.


This is especially good with Dahl and rice.

Today, I finished planting my seeds for a fall harvest.


Beets, Red Skin Potatoes, Pole Beans


Osaka Purple Mustard, Perpetual Spinach, Kuroda Organic Carrots, Kale Winterbor Hyrbid, Fall & Winter Lettuce Mix


I harvested the remainder Carrots, Beets & Tops, Cut the Kale back, Butter Beans, tiny handful of Green Beans, and Pulled 5 leeks for soup-leeks can winter over in garden.

The watermelon are spreading all over, even climbing up the corn. I have about 6 on the vine with babies popping up everyday. The lopes are also doing great. I think I counted 6.

The idea of growing vertical was a good one, it’s just the idea of using pantyhose to hang the melons wasn’t!

Those tangbum things are like girdles and the melons wouldn’t even fit in a leg….how on earth did I at one time wear them???? I was trying to hang a bowling ball size melon and it fell off…I nearly cried. What a waste, so no more torturing my melons with pantyhose.

One of my Growing Challenges was the pepper plants. I started them from seed which took several tries. Once they started they only grew about 2 inches and then wouldn’t grow anymore. I thought putting them in the ground would help, but I think I discovered that they need pretty warm soil. I was scared that they wouldn’t make it so I bought one Jalepeno plant. As you can see they are ALL the same size now as the bought Jalepeno.

Good Job.

I lost count of the Sweet Italian and Sweet Hungarian. From the looks of it they are all Sweet Hungarian.

The volunteer Zinnia’s have taken over the front corner as usual. I just can’t bring myself to pull a volunteer and throw it away.

I love it when the Butterflies & Bumble Bees grace my garden. It makes me want to open shop right there and then.

I’ve decided that as long as my health holds up, I need to double my garden next year.

Shhhh, don’t let Honey here that….I’ll spring it on him next spring!


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