The Joy of Eating!

Sally Fallon age 60

For me when I think of an image of radiant health and beauty I think of Sally Fallon. The article states that Sally has a “farm-fed look”! Imagine that. Having curves!!!! I’ve heard that the average size for women in America is a 14, so who wants to be “below average”!!!! 😀

Yesterday, August 6, 2008, the Washington Post did an article titled, The Great Divide. The articles focus was on The Weston A. Price Foundation and it’s president, Sally Fallon. It was good exposure for the group and for the diet of which I claim has brought about my healing from Chronic Lyme Disease. The excerpts below are from the article and describe what Price discovered and what Sally Fallon has done for thousands.

“There was great variety in the diets: Some subsisted on meats, others on seafoods, grains, even insects. But in each group, Price found little or no evidence of chronic disease or tooth decay. He concluded that what those diets had in common were high levels of vitamins A and D and what he called “activator X,” now believed to be vitamin K2. He determined that those important vitamins could be obtained only from animal foods, including seafood, organ meats, and butterfat and eggs from pastured animals. Price, who died in 1948, got some early attention for his work, but its message was largely forgotten during the pro-industry ’50s and ’60s.”

It was finding out about this fat and more specifically “activator X” that first caught my attention to this way of eating. My first glimpse into Prices diet was through the writing of Dr. Ron Schmid and his books. Dr Ron, as we call him, has also healed from Chronic Lyme Disease using this diet of traditional foods.

“‘Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook That Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats.’ The first edition, released in 1996, was riddled with typos and errors. But it sold.”

“In 12 years, the book, corrected in a second edition, has sold 310,000 copies (see sidebar). That is 30,000 more than the paperback version of Rachael Ray’s “30 Minute Meals” and 50,000 more than Ina Garten’s “The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook,” according to Nielsen BookScan.”

Wow, imagine that Sally Fallon out did Rachel Ray and Ina Garten!!!!

“I’m as amazed as anyone,” Fallon says. She credits its success to the fact that the book’s rules “tell people they can do what their body naturally wants to. All of the other rules require willpower, and willpower doesn’t work.”

“Fallon appears to be living proof of the benefits of the “Nourishing Traditions” diet. Her typical day’s food intake is about 2,300 calories and includes eggs, with extra yolks, or oatmeal with at least three tablespoons of butter for breakfast; soup with cheese or pâté for lunch; and meat or organ meat for dinner with lots of vegetables. And though Fallon is far from model thin, she has a healthy, farm-fed look. She says she hasn’t gotten sick in 10 years and long ago overcame allergies and digestive problems that dogged her in her 20s.”

It was Sally’s example that urged me to increase my intake of raw butter to 3-4 Tbsp in my oatmeal. I’ve never eaten oatmeal this delicious in my life! Soaking your oatmeal in yogurt overnight breaks down the phytic acid that Amanda Rose taught me about, and makes it easily digestible. In fact by soaking your old fashion oatmeal in yogurt overnight, it’s practically an instant dish. Spice it up with some cinnamon and raw honey for a wonderful breakfast treat and don’t forget the generous servings of raw butter!

“Some independent studies, such as the ones charted in Gary Taubes’s recent book, “Good Calories, Bad Calories: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom on Diet, Weight Control and Disease,” do support the premise that saturated fat isn’t the enemy. But not everyone agrees with the foundation’s claims. Joel Fuhrman, doctor and author of “Eat for Health,” which advocates a nutrient-dense diet with limited animal products, calls it “unconscionable” to advocate a diet high in saturated fat, especially for children. He also alleges that the evidence Fallon and Enig use to support their claims is based on antiquated studies with poor observations.”

“The worst people can say about us is that we use older studies,” Fallon says. “Would you jump off a building because the law of gravity was discovered 300 years ago? This is good science.”

Of course if we didn’t eat these good fats, then we’d be eating bad fats, like hydrogenated oils, vegetable oils and lots of corn syrup. Then we would need their Statin drugs! It never ceases to amaze me how blinded some people are. Same all same all!

So, go ahead and eat lots and lots of raw butter! Sink your teeth into it and smile. Ah, The Joy of Eating!!!!



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