The 100 Foot Diet

Whatever that diet is called. We are eating about 50-100 ft from the house diet. I go to the garden nearly everyday and pick dinner!!! I just love this time of year. You just can’t beat fresh. This is what I came to the house with yesterday. Isn’t the color so gorgeous and to think that this was a gift to me from God! He’s so kind and glorious to splash my day with more color!!!

From this master piece I made the most amazing Pesto! I just can’t stop eating it, it is soooo gooooood!

I ate it on French Meadow Sourdough Bread topped with my heirloom tomatoes that I started indoors this past winter and I even had one of my very own first ever fermented pickles!!! The pickles aren’t quite ready yet. But it was surprisingly good.

Pesto Recipe

(as you know, I’m a none measure kind of cook)

Lots of Fresh Basil

Quality EVOO

Quality Parmesan Cheese

(I found some raw at Trader Joe’s)

Pine Nuts Roasted

LOTS of Organic Garlic

Grey Salt

I used my food processor and whizzed up the cheese (approx 3 Cups) and set aside. Then I added at least 3-4 cups of fresh organic basil…I even stripped the flowers and used them and 1 head of garlic. I poured the EVOO in the top of the funnel while I was whizzing it into the basil until it looked right. Then I added the cheese and pine nuts (about 1-2 Cups) and added more EVOO until the consistency looked good. A little grey salt and that’s it. It absolutely speaks summer! I think I’ll even have some on my burger tonight!!

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