Mama Mia!

I needed my mental health day early this week so I went to the movies on Wednesday. When we went to see “Prince Caspian” we saw the preview for Mama Mia! I knew it was one that I had to see. I’m really not a big fan of musicals like Honey & Becca, but this one struck a cord with me. I love Greece…not the movie…the country! It’s so romantic and beautiful.

I went to the 11:00 AM matinée. Mostly women my age…middle age…OK, a little past middle…..and your point is??…..and a couple older ladies and even a few older men, one young guy with his girl and a lady with small children. It was the ladies my age who were laughing and giggling and I could feel it in the air…just wanted to jump out of our seats dancing!!!

The scenery was gorgeous! I come alive when I’m surrounded with color like that. And the music was fun. I needed this for some inspiration and motivation. My favorite scene was, “Dancing Queen”. All the women of the Greek island dropped whatever they were doing; round ladies, skinny ladies, old ladies and young ladies. They danced to the dock and wiggled and giggled, danced and sang. They were alive and so happy to be women!

A couple of us couldn’t help but break out with a clap or two at different scenes…it felt like we were there on the island in Greece. I think a few of us think we were there or at least in our dreams tonight we will be!

This was also one of my favorite scenes. This is the day of Sophie’s wedding and she’s sitting in her Mama’s lap while having her toe nails painted. It was quite a teary scene for me with my Becca leaving home in just over 1 month from now. I love my girl! She’s so precious to me….and she’s only got a one way ticket to Germany as of now. We don’t know what will happen….she doesn’t know what will happen…so we will kiss her good bye and I think life as we know it will never be the same. But that’s how it is. We birth them, we tuck them in and when we turn around they get on a jet plane and fly away. A great scripture reminds me that arrows in the hands of a warrior are to be released.

Ok it might have been a cheesy movie for middle aged women…but so what? There were a few objectionable items, but over all it was just a cute movie….and I liked it. I’m still singing “Dancing Queen”! and I just might skip to the garden tomorrow and wiggle my rear while digging potatoes!!!!!

I love being alive!


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