My Tasha Shawl

I love knitting. The rhythm is peaceful and predictable. I can watch TV or listen to the radio or even my herbal lessons on the Herb Mentor. It’s relaxing and allows me to unwind from the business of the day. I was motivated by the death of Tasha Tudor a few weeks ago to finally knit the shawl that I so often admired on her. It’s a simple pattern once you get the hang of it…simply knitting each row…with a lace stitch on the ends. Once completed you knit a lovely lacy scalloped edge to it.

It wraps around the shoulders like a comfy sweater. I’ve used it a few times already when I’ve grown chilly in the AC, even though we keep our home at a comfortable 77*F, sometimes while just sitting I need some warmth over my shoulders. I can’ t wait to wear it this winter. Now to find a lovely shawl pin to go with it.

My Truly Tasha Shawl

I made it with a buttery yellow wool that surprisingly does not scratch me!

I still need to block it

Don’t look toooo closely, as you will defintely find mistakes….I like the way of the Amish. I make mistakes because Only God is truly perfect…and what’s the fun in being perfect anyway?

I leave it draped over the back of “my” chair so I can pull it on when I need to. It’s a true keeper!

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