Singing The Praises of Mugwort

Mugwort (Artemesia vulgaris)

On the last lecture by our Village Herbalist, Heather on The Herb Mentor, I learned about Herbal Health for Skin Conditions. Since poison ivy allergy is a horrible problem for me, I am singing the praises of Mugwort. On my weekly mowathon I am trying to get our back 40 under control and that takes me 4 hours of riding my John Deere once a week. The back of our 5 acre lot I now refer to as the Poison Oak Patch. We knew we had issues with Thistle, Multlflora Rose, Blackberry, and Milk Weed, but we were surprised at the volume of poison oak. I’ve been trading my Honey 1 hour of the way back where the forest of poison oak is. He seems to have a much greater tolerance to the poison. I only have to look at it and it attacks me. All it takes is a gently breeze to cause the cut poison to brush my sweaty arms or legs and BINGO!

Now I have a new ally, Mugwort; Artemesia vulgaris. Heather instructed us to add 1 oz to 1 Qt of boiling apple cider vinegar and allow to sit for 2-4 hours. I made the infusion and bottled it. On my trip to the back 40 I sprayed it liberally on my skin. Then I also took a small dose internally when I finished mowing. I was very brave, I mowed a lot and wasn’t the least bit freaked out. I really trusted that Mugwort would do the job. It did!!! I looked all over for Mugwort since it’s a companion plant to Poison Ivy and Oak, but I couldn’t find any on our lot. I used dried herb from Mountain Rose Herbs to make my infusion but, I’ll be looking out for it on my next mowathon.


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