Eye Candy

Ava Rose by Tanya Whelan on the top and Heather Bailey’s prints on the bottom and I bought them from Jona at Fabritopia.

I had to share my new stashes….they are so delish! I really must stop staring at them.. It’s hard though because as I always thought in my old quilting days, they are just so lovely to look at, why cut. But cut I must and today is a sewing day. I’m still tired after my mowathon….4 hours bouncing on a mower is very exhausting. So, today will be my Mental Health Friday as I’m accustomed to having! These colors are enough to brighten any day. As I’ve so often said, I’ve used color as a therapy for my healing from Chronic Lyme Disease. Color is uplifting. It reaches into the dark places of our lives and breathes life. I hope you’ll look for color today and celebrate the beauty that our Father gave to us to enjoy.

Sis Boom is on top with a bunch of other great fabrics I bought from J Caroline Creations!

Joel Dewberry Designs

Flirt by Robyn Randolph

Braemore on bottom, then Sandi Henderson, Anna Griffin, and on top a stripe by Portobella Road

I wanted to see how the Heather Bailey prints would look for making slip covers for the family room. The Ava Rose is going into a ladies summer dress for me and I love the Anna Griffin paisley, I’m going to make a tunic top with it. The others are for handbags and whatever else tickles my fancy. Probably some aprons and clothes pin bags to put on My Etsy Shop; Butterflies & Bumble Bees!

That ought to give you a sweet tooth today! I’m dying to dig in!!!

I hope you have a sweet weekend. Enjoy those you love and the beauty that surrounds us!!!


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