Growing Challenge Update

Currently, it’s boom time. The beans are on big time, when the tomatoes are ripe I’m going to be in big trouble! The tomatillos are exploding. The carrots are sweet and delicious! The lettuce is bolting. The potatoes are almost ready and those I’ve dug and delicious. The melons are growing like gangbusters! And the cuc’s too! The corn is just about ready… mmmmm it looks good! The butter beans are starting to form. The cabbage is ready. The eggplants are flowering. The onions are ready and sweet!

I was up early again this AM….4 AM to be exact. I was out working in the garden by 6 AM, dawn was just breaking. I did some work on the area in front of my gate and pulled some weeds in the garden paths. I’m telling you there are NO weeds in my raised beds. Most of my weed pulling is in the paths. I’ve got some booger weed that has thorns and insists on growing. It’s a pain, if it goes to seed and that’s what happened last year, so I’m dealing with it this year, it’s just a pain. My volunteer zinnia’s are growing everywhere and are so beautiful. I didn’t let the Cleomi grow, because they become giants and again, go to seed. I’ve done my best to keep them out.

My new herb garden in amazing. However, I didn’t know how BIG Borage would get and it’s shading out so many plants that I put around it. I will have to cut it back seriously.

Today my sister Jackie & her daughter Michelle are visiting from CA with my parents. I’ve got some good homegrown food prepared. We’ll be having; grilled soy free chicken with herbs, grassfed burgers, homemade potato salad of course with homegrown potaotes and herbs, fresh carrots and for dessert, fresh homegrown blackberry cobbler! It’s an amazing feeling to eat what you grow. And to eat what grows locally from our personal farmers. Not to even mention the taste! My sis is so looking forward to todays menu!!! Her husband is hoping she’ll bring back a doggie bag for him in CA, but I really doubt it will keep! Actually, I think Jackie would eat it before it made it home!!! Fresh food is so worth it!!!!!

Current To Do List

replant potatoes

replant beets

replant carrots

harvest onions & cure

harvest potatoes & cure

pick-up straw for new potatoes

buy pantyhose for melons!

find more gallon jars for brine pickles

pick blackberries

pick blueberries

make blackberry & blueberry jam

Cut grass. do laundry & hang – Wednesday


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