Crab Feast

Maryland Blue Crabs

Yesterday, I went to my sister Mary’s house for a crab feast. The occasion, my younger sister Jackie was visiting from CA with her daughter Michelle. So, the Hamilton Fam got together to do our favorite thing-EAT!

I was raised on crabs. We had a boat when I was little and I spent most of my life on it along with eating crabs. In fact I passed Sewell’s Marina as I was driving and snapped a shot of Rt 50. I use to walk across this road when I was a kid. It’s now 6 lanes divided and the old draw bridge has been replaced with a taller road/bridge. It’s kinda sad, but those were great years back in the 50’s & 60’s! Man that really makes me feel old!

Not a great shot—–I was driving! This is Rt 50 now.

I’m not a fan of bridges. Our Chesapeake Bay Bridge is 4.3 miles on the East bound side. They had one lane closed for repair work which got me a bit nervous. Even though they do this every year and I’m glad they do, but I don’t like it. So, only one lane was open on the East bound side which meant slow traffic. I only went 10-20 MPH the whole span. Sooooo, since I was traveling very very slowly, I snapped a pic of this cool box looking boat being pulled by a tug.

The Eastern Shore of Maryland is very very flat. I live in the Central part which is hill country and mostly home to many horse farms. The Eastern Shore is home to farms, chicken farms and not much else.

Flat far as the eye can see.

Still some nice farms in operation which mostly grow soy beans or corn all of which is probably GMO (genetically modified organism). I didn’t get the pic of the chicken farm, but I did see them loading huge cages of birds onto the bed of a Mac truck heading for slaughter. These were probably some of Frank’s chickens….Frank Perdue.

This is my nearly blind dad & my mom. My dad is in very poor health now and when I said goodbye I was wondering if it would be the last time I’d see him. Diabetes kills. So does a lifetime of alcoholism and cigarettes. I’m thankful that both my parents have been clean & sober for over 25 yrs. But it takes it’s toll. I could see it.

Jackie & Michelle from California

Becca & her friend Anna were there also. Anna is going to Uganda soon on a missions trip to help build a sports facility for Aids orphans. And my Becca is leaving in 2 short months for Germany. She’s going on a 7 month missions with YWAM (youth with a mission).

Mary, who’s finally being diagnosed with chronic lyme after suffering for so long.


And of course my SIL Keri was there…..she lives there!

Mary, Diane & Jackie

“Sisters, sisters, nothing comes between me and my sisters.” It’s been a long time since we’ve all been together.

The crabs were delicious and the company fun.


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