A Full Day Indeed!

After my 1.75 hr drive home last night from my sister May’s home I was beat. It wasn’t long when my head hit the pillow. I woke up at 5:30 rested and refreshed and had a lot planned. Since this is an online journal, I have found it helpful to jot down things that I want to remember so I can go back keep track of things.

1. I had my time with the Lord and read my Bible.

2. I fixed yogurt for tomorrow and unloaded the dishwasher.

3. I fed the dogs…..oppps SEE, I just wrote that and remembered I didn’t feed the little dog…I guess she gets a big serving tonight.

4. I fixed my oatmeal for breakfast and took all my med’s (chinese herbs & supp’s)

5. I made & packed my Honey’s lunch which I do everyday because it saves so much money.

6. I went to work in the garden by 8AM while it was still a little cool.

This was my biggest hill and I found one more small one in the soil. I grew these from organic yellow ukon’s from the health food store.

I guesstamate that I dug 5 lbs….about 1 lb per hill. The straw worked out very very well. Some potatoes were growing right on top of the soil, but under the straw. I used straw because I ran out of room and didn’t have dirt for hills.

I even pulled a few carrots for dinner. My Boomer loves carrots!

I gave him some little ones….he looked at me for more, please.

Please, please, please!

My mustard greens are going to seed so I pulled them and cut off the greens for dinner.

7. Before I went out I started a load of laundry in my new front load washer. Man is this thing great! I bought a Bosch and it saves 76% water….that’s huge….that means our water pump will work less to get water from the well. Plus it hardly uses any electric…..so I ended up doing, sheets, towels & shower curtain, blanket and the quilt off our bed. Now I’m doing rugs. And I hung them all out to dry and remade the bed and hung the shower curtain.

8. I picked 1 Qt blueberries and 2.5 Qts of blackberries.

Then I went to the store for jelly jars and pectin to make Honey some blackberry jam! 😀

9. While cleaning up dishes from lunch, which was a cheese with bacon and egg sandwich on sourdough bread! the mail lady, Edna came knocking at my door! She had gifts from afar. Look what I got!!!!!

My Mary Jane books came!!! Oh boy do I know what I’m doing later to relax! BUT first I found a tick attached to the back of my neck and one crawling up my shirt for some blood! So, I ran and jumped in the shower again! I hate two showers, but I know it’s necessary after being out working in the yard, garden and field. Plus I’ll smell good for Honey when he gets home in a few hours! And not to mention climb into those clean freshly dried sheets!!! I plan on sleepin real good again tonight!! Nothin like a hard days work to help ya sleep! 😀

Look at these beautiful books.

They are loaded with lots of beautiful photography and info about everything.

And look, they are signed by Mary Jane…so cute!

As we say in Murland (Maryland), I’m a bit tarred (tired) so I think I’m gonna sit a spell. Talk to ya later, first I got some serious restin to do in this here neck of the woods. Catch ya later.

I think this is a true testimony to my healing from Lyme Disease. I don’t remember the last time I could work this hard. I am a rejoicing woman! A princess warrior full of faith!!!


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