Movin On Up

Look what we did!

Our driveway has been gravel ever since we built our house, 22 years ago. But it seems that our across the street neighbor finally broke down and had theirs paved yesterday. The guy knocked on our door last evening trying to sell us. Honey is an analytical thinker. Honey doesn’t do anything in a hurry. And for some big green backs, Honey said “NO”. But this AM, after Honey gave it some thought and slept on it, he said “YES”. So, this is what went on at our house today. It’s a bit smelly, and these young guys are having a good time. And boy do they work hard. Today it was predicted to hit 95*F. I did my mowathon early at 8 AM, so I wouldn’t be exposed to the fumes. It’s not bad unless I go out to check on things. It never has to be sealed like the old kind. And hopefully it will give us some curb appeal for selling in 4 yrs!

This is the old driveway. It’s been good. We graded it ourselves 22 yrs ago…there are some huge rocks under there.

No more grass to worry about growing in the driveway…just trimming to do. And no more gravel dust being tracked in….or little stones getting caught in your shoe tread. Probably easier to clear snow too. Oh my and when Becca wears those spiked heels, they won’t sink or get all scratched up.

We’ve never built a garage mainly cause we ran out of $$$, but we went ahead and had the whole thing paved….I guess that was ok. I don’t know what we’ll do if we do put up a garage??? I guess build it right over this stuff???

Truck full of asphalt

We really won’t know what to do with ourselves….I’ll have some finishing work around the edges to do.

They say it will increase the value of our home…I hope they are right. That was part of our “England Money”. But imagine, finally being able to play BBall on the driveway….or roller skate or draw with chalk…what on earth did our kids do without this thing? They managed and they had a great childhood without a “real” driveway.

I feel a little sad, that a bit of our country life is biting the dust…but look at it this way, we’re helping our economy.


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