Farm Girl at Heart

I stumbled upon a real keeper the other day….it’s a new magazine to me called, “Mary Jane’s Farm”. Wow, does this cute magazine capture everything about me. Nearly every page is filled with articles about organic gardening, stitching, crafts, and farming and there are practically no ads. It’s filled with pictures that express who I am at the core. I thought I’d browse around flickr to see if I could find images that reflect my heart. And this is what I found. Please note that these are not my images and I link back to the artist who captured them.


The photo’s above were taken by Beebo Wallace.

The following images were taken by Kathy Harris and you can view more of her beautiful work on Flickr by clicking on any of the photos below. She has taken some lovely rural farms and they reflect my Farm Girl heart!

It’s my prayer the God will allow me to enjoy the farm life before I die.  For me it brings tranquility and peace to be surrounded by such amazing beauty.

Please note that on Flickr there can be some objectionable material.


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