My Growing Challenge Update~July

My garden is really doing nicely this year. We’ve had quite a bit of rain in the mid-atlantic region. My folks who live on the Eastern Shore of MD haven’t had rain for at least three weeks. Mom said that she finally pulled some tiny quater sized beets the other day for dinner. My beets have been delicious and yesterday I had a good tennis ball size! We’ve been eating them nearly every meal. I love fresh beets. I’m afraid there won’t be any left for fermenting….oh well. 🙂

I found an unwelcome guest in my garden yesterday. Deer ticks!!!!!! Well, you know how I feel about them. I believe they were actually on my beet tops. I saw a little tiny speck on my shirt and thought it was dirt, but it was moving. This is the tiniest I’ve seen yet. It was smaller than the head of a pin like a speck of pepper! I crushed it with a rock. Also when I was rinsing the beet tops I saw another go down the drain. Please, please be very careful and aware of them. Their bite can be deadly! Or it can leave you lifeless and wishing you were dead! Here’s a picture of the latest one that was on my hip. Oh and by the way Lyme Disease is in every state and on 7 continents! Don’t be deceived by the CDC, it is “incurable” if not caught very, very, very early on after the bite. However, I am a living miracle, I am nearly 100% recovered. Praise God!

OK, on with the garden challenges. Mine this year was to grow some different plants from seed indoors. I’d never had any success with this, but this year I did. My greatest challenge was the peppers. I planted Sweet Italian Peppers and Hot Hungarian Peppers. After months or maybe just one month of trying to get the seed to germinate, they came up. They grew indoors by my south facing window and did fine….until I put them in the ground. Then they just sat there and didn’t grow. So I transplanted them yet again to a better bed with more room to stretch out. Ah, they are growing. They are still small but they are doing just fine.

As you can see, the store bought organic Jalepeno is bigger, but I’m really pleased that they are alive! Now I know where the term “late bloomer” comes from. Late Bloomers are just fine in my book.

Another angle, with my crow pans. The pans and eyeball have worked. That’s for sure another of my Growing Challenges….keeping the crows out.

What’s left of my corn after the crows picked through it, is finally tasseling…..maybe corn by July 4??? Maybe.

My bed of Butter Beans and Tomatoes. The Marigolds are so lush and lovely. I planted them early, actually in April and they are doing much better than the ones I didn’t get in until May.

This is my first year growing Tomatillo’s. They are so cool! Like little lanterns hanging in the garden.

My volunteer Zinnia’s growing along side the onions and leeks.

Also another Growing Challenge…look at them onions!

And leeks too!

After I ordered these we figured Honey is allergic to Tyramine…that includes onions! YIKES! I’m going to have to find a way to eat all these!

Another Growing Challenge, I am growing vertical this year. Everything that can go up is going up to save space! These are my cucs.

Even my watermelon plants are growing UP! I strung string for them to climb. Then I’ll use pantyhose, (because there’s no other purpose for them in my book), to hang them in and tie them to the trellis. 😀

I’m so happy. I think this is a volunteer Mullein in my herb bed.

My herb bed is blooming full speed ahead now.

Another Growing Challenge. I started Borage from seed and it’s really growing! All the perennials that I got at Alloway Herb Farm are doing great.


Beautiful volunteer Zinnia! I love the delicate center of these hardy flowers.


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