I Love Bird Houses


This spring has been a lovely time here at Peaceful Acres. I’ve seen so many varieties of birds on our property. I was just hanging the laundry out and I’m not sure what kind of bird it is, but it sings to it’s hearts content, always making me smile at it’s joy. On my mowathons, which is happening again today, I’ve seen bluebirds, purple martins, yellow finch, cardinals, sparrows, robins, hawks, and of course that ole nasty crow. I found the neighbor who put up a purple martin house. I’m going to put some up this year. The American Indians used gourds to house purple martins. They kept the crows out of the gardens! My ever gazing eyeball seems to be working for now. Beautiful it’s not, but it works.

I love birdhouses. My blind dad, built me a bunch. I’ve

painted a couple and they just sit here and there. The ones in the trees always have visitors every year.

It’s just about boom time for the garden. My mom dug her potatoes already and as you can see my potaotes are starting to wilt. My mom & dad have been gardeners my entire life. Dad just turned 79 the other day and I’m realizing that all the things I need to know, I better find answers to now. He’s not been doing well lately and I know that “it is appointed unto man to die once.” So, I’m in the asking phase of life….making sure that when our parents pass, we don’t have any unanswered questions. I think in part it’s my age. You know how young people are….they know it all. They just don’t seem to think older folks know a thing. Then when you get older you KNOW you don’t know it all and are willing to listen to those wiser. One thing that I really hate is when you are trying to give an ounce of advice/knowledge to another and all they can say is, “I KNOW”. Well, you don’t!  There’s always something someone can teach us.   Scriptures says, that “gray hair is a sign of wisdom.” That’s why I don’t color mine! 😀

My onions are doing nicely.

Potatoes starting to wilt.

The green beans are coming on slowly. I eat them as fast as they are growing when I go down to the garden for a visit.

The picked through corn is doing great, and the eyeball seems to be working.

Tomatillas are growing.

I’m going to have a bumper crop of tomatoes! They should be ready in a couple of weeks. My mom said that around here she always goes by July 4th for her time table. July 4th is the last time she feeds her tomatoes, it’s when she harvests her potatoes and it’s when she’ll plant more potatoes and it’s usually when she has her first tomato. We’re a bit colder on this side of the shore and we seem to lag a couple weeks behind my folks. I did feel under the soil and I’ve got some nice size potatoes ready. I’ll wait till the plants die off some more before I dig them up.


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