Nature Walk at Peaceful Acres

Bee Balm

It’s a beautiful time here at Peaceful Acres. Most if not all my plants are perennials. I did buy a couple annuals this year to add a little color in the front where I mostly have flowering bulbs and Coral Bells, but generally I prefer perennials. They are hardy and after you get them started they pretty much take care of themselves, Most of what gets planted the dogs manage to trapes on and do their business upon. I do love these pooches but they can be a real pain sometimes.

Joe Pye Weed

The fragrance is amazing, so sweet and beautiful!

I went for a little walk this morning and found a few treats. After mowing the field down last fall it’s pretty bare out their. But on my last mowathon, I found a Joe Pye Weed that I hadn’t hit, as well as some nasty thistle and my blackberries that I purposefully left. Honey has been attacking the multiflora rose which is an extremely deadly plant. It reaches out and literally rips me to pieces when I mow past it. I also saw Mullein which I’d like to move to my herb garden along with the Joe Pye Weed.


One main reason to cut the field other than because of the neighbors who thought that it was ok to ride their ATV’s on our land, was the invasive plants. It will take two years to get the thistle and milk weed under control. And thus I didn’t get my goats as these plants are toxic to them. No sense in spending thousands of dollars on a barn and animals and then kill them. BUT they would have eaten all the poison ivy and oak that’s growing back there.

I do have lavender and larkspur with these great Magenta flowers which I don’t know the name of….anyone? and they partially line the driveway. I don’t do a lot of cutting because I really want to give the honey bees a treat so they can make someone some yummy honey! My four lavender are now two, so it’s hardly enough to harvest, instead I get it in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs for use in my herbal remedies and teas.

I think my little point and shoot “CoolPix” did a pretty amazing job capturing the bees today!!!

This is what it looks like “back there” in our field! All the trees are volunteers that are Bradford Pears..they are wild and therefore grew thorns that also rip the guts out of me when I mow past them! We also have a couple wild dogwood, a few oaks and maples and cedars…all of which are volunteers.

This is the blackberry patch I left purposefully. I tried to cut paths through them in the spring so I could get to the middle. It looks like I’m going to have a great harvest of wild blackberries this year!

The branches are loaded!

Echinacea purpurea is blooming. Also my seedlings are up.

My Chamomile is blooming. I love brushing past it, the fragrance is intoxicating.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little peek into my life here.  We do hope to move to the mountains of NC in 4 yrs when Honey retires.  We love the mountains and that area of western NC has waterfalls galore.  We feel so much like we’ve “come home” when we are there.  But for now we have 5 acres of beauty to care for here in MD.  I try to do it with a smile, but I do tire of cutting grass!  Twenty two years of circles is a long time! 😀


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