Easy Raw Yogurt

In “The Milk Book”, Dr. William Campbell Douglass II, MD, reports that raw milk heated to 117 degrees F, is still raw and has the beneficial enzymes. However, at 118 degrees F, it is no longer raw. Most manufacturers of yogurt makers suggest you heat your milk to at least 120 degrees F. But my friend at Sycamore Spring Farms, told me about how she makes her fresh raw yogurt. She takes it straight from the goats and strains it. At the body temperature of the goat, which is probably 98.6 degrees F, she places her starter in the milk and sets it in a cooler for 24 hrs. She suggested that I could do the same thing with my yogurt except I would be taking it out of the frig and heating it.

Here’s what I did and it worked!

I carefully heat my raw milk goat or cow to 110 degrees F. It is quick so don’t turn your back!

I pour it into my unwashed jar of yogurt with 1 Cup of previous batch remaining. And shake it well. If you are starting fresh, buy a carton of organic yogurt and use 1 C for starter.

This is all they had at my store, normally I’d use whole milk plain.

I take the lid off and put a paper towel over the top with a rubber band. Then I place it in a thermos. Pop the lid on and place it on top of the frig. I keep forgetting it until about 26-28 hrs later and it is fine. Remove the jar from the thermos and remove the paper towel. Then put a lid on it and chill in the frig!

The goats yogurt is thinner but still coagulated due to less butter fat than the cows milk. The cows milk yogurt has the cream on top! It so good with some frozen blueberries!

I eat fermented dairy every day for my health. It gives me the probiotics I need as well as build my bones during this important phase of life.


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