I’ve Been Invaded

We’ve made it a long time without a virus hitting us….not just any virus…….a Trojan Horse Virus!!!  This stinks.  My desktop is down and MacAfee only caught 2, the 3rd downloaded itself.   So, for a few days until I learn how to load pics with the kids Macs, I’m on a forced vacation from my blog.  My Honey who is a computer guru on his day job is working hard to delete the Trojan files, but these guys are very tricky and in my  humble opinion………PAINS IN THE BUTT!!!!!!  It’s a total invasion of my privacy and it has really given me the creeps!  I’m not sure where it came from but it found me.  So, please be extra cautious as to what you open and download.  You can’t take chicken broth for this one! 😦

Have a sweet day!


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