Girls Who Like Power Tools

I thought men loved power tools. Well, they usually do if someone else is running them. My Honey is almost 62. He’s still kicking pretty good for a 62 year young man! He can out work any youngster I know. He’s been clearing brush in the field for weeks now. I said to him the other day, “hey, remember you’re old saying, ‘work smarter not harder’?” He’s been out there with a pole saw cutting down the multiflora rose bushes and dragging them across the field to our dumping area or to be politically correct; composting site! I suggested he use the pick-up to do the hauling part and go the Home Depot and purchase the pruning attachment to the gift he gave me. Or better yet, buy me a cart for our new John Deere mower so I can work smarter rather than harder. He thought it was a good idea and wondered why he hadn’t thought of it. I don’t know, maybe stress and age?  Or maybe you’re just stuck in your old ways.  He loves working the hard way to do a job, like cutting a tree down with and ax, we don’t own a chain saw.  We could, we just don’t!   But he’s tired, so I think easy now.

But back to power tools. Honey gave me this a few weeks ago and I was over joyed! 😀

Isn’t it lovely? I love power tools! Pink would have been better, but this will work just fine.

So, here it is Father’s Day. I’m always at a loss, except for a good movie. Honey loves to watch a good movie to relax. A couple weeks ago I gave him an early Father’s Day gift; National Treasure Book of Secrets. He really loves to lay down and take a nap to a good movie….it’s better than any sleeping pill! 😀

Well, this Father’s Day the kids out did me. The bought Honey his favorite of all time movie…..drum roll please…..”Band of Brothers”. Honey really loves heros. His dad is a WWII patriot. He fought in France after the landing on Omaha Beach. He has some good stories to tell and we need to record them. He’s 86 and still kicking (that’s where Honey gets it). But we need to record his stories because when he dies the stories die with him. Sorry, I do regress.

Honey with “Band of Brothers” and notice the smile…ok now my gifts

keep watching the expressions….

Yep, it’s a hose….no smile….Looks like work!

Yep, it’s work all right….a power washer. Oh, I tried to tell him that it wasn’t just any power washer, it has 2200 PSI! That’s a lot of power. He truly wasn’t impressed. He knew all along, it was for me!!!!

We’ve already watched 3 or 4 episodes of “Band of Brothers”, but the power washer is still in the box. 😦

I’ll have to get it out and give it a trial run! I think my car needs washing…better be careful that’s a lot of power.


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