Musings about Babies and How They Grow

Gorgeous view of the Shenandoah & Appalachian Mountains

I finally got my hands on Ben’s memory card and was able to download his pictures from his hiking trip on the Appalachian Trail. As he loves to remind me now, “Mom I’m 20. I’ve climbed higher mountains, and walked farther trails…I think I can handle it.” I’ve been listening to the “Mom, I can handle it” line for some time now. He’s right though, but oh does it ever hurt to cut the cord. I’ve hung on way too tight, but what mother doesn’t. He’s my “baby” boy. He’s been sick way too long. BUT, cut I must….ouchhhhhhhhhhh! I can only imagine how The Father felt when He sent His ONLY Son to come into this wretched world to do one thing………DIE! Jesus, came to die. He came to die for your sins and mine alike…none deserving more than the other. Sin that separated us from God, is the only reason Jesus came. He loves us so. I love my Ben so. But die I must to holding on. A birdie can never fly unless it’s mama pushes it from the nest. Sometimes they fall and hopefully it’s not fatal. We help them up and we send them out!

It seems as if this is my year for letting my baby birds fly. Ben reached out and sick or not he faced a giant mountain! He completed his task of hiking the AT for 4 days alone. He grew some whiskers and some courage. He smelled of sweat and strength! 😀 He became a man in 4 days.

See ya Dad!

Map & Granola Bars! Two important items!

The James River

The Hilton it’s not, but it’s a place to rest his head.

It’s not the fall that will kill you….it’s the landing!

A little proud of his ascent!

He climbed some big mountains!

Don’t leave home without it!

Clean and rested in his buddy Ryan’s room at VaTEch.

Ryan finished his last exam and picked up Ben off the trail….then they packed and headed back to MD!

Now I must let go of my other baby bird…my first born! She is leaving for Germany in just 2.5 months. 24 years ago we shared all of our firsts with her, now we will have all of our firsts without her. Her first birthday, her first Thanksgiving, her first Christmas, her first New Years….she is our first and this is her first time flying solo. She’s brave and adventurous! She loves people, she loves serving, she loves Jesus. She’s a beautiful photographer and I look forward to sharing her adventure into the unknown with you in the months to come. Trust me, you will be in awe! She can capture the sunrise like you’ve never seen it. She can capture the dew of the morning on the roses as if she was a droplet herself. She comes alive behind the lens of a camera and I can only imagine the images she will capture on the mission field in Asia. What beauty and yet what poverty there is in Asia and she will live her dream out capturing it for all to see. Hold on I can feel the winds stirring as she prepares to jump…..God speed my precious first born, Becca. (that’s her in her ballet outfit….a very long time ago!) (that’s also one of her pieces of graphic designs)

Please pray for Honey and me, as our hearts feel as if they will break. They grow so fast….and fly even faster!

As I finished writing this….Ben gave me some very sad news. His friend Andrew’s mom went home to be with Jesus last night after months of suffering on this earth with cancer. I’m pouring out tears…I didn’t know her, but my heart is hurting for her family and their extreme loss. Jesus said, “weep with those who weep”. We lift up Andrew and his family in their time of loss and sorrow.

Ben & Andrew


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