Boys & Their Toys!

Ben on the left~Andrew on the right…sorry Andrew, got you blinking.

We have an amazing son, Ben. He’s 20 and he’s allllll boy! We used to say, “he’s ….whatever age….and he’s good at it.” Well, since he’s turned 20, he’s really not much different. Just bigger. He has a huge heart, he loves Jesus, he loves guns and he loves cars, trucks, jeeps and anything else with an engine in it.

Speaking of Jeeps. He just found one that was for sale. It’s not running, but he and his buddy Andrew will have it on the road in no time. It’s 21 years old, but I think she looks pretty good for 21! So, I imagine that for the time being, this is Ben’s new girl. What shall we call her….Sunshine?

She looks like she’s been loved pretty good….isn’t that what “The Velveteen Rabbit” said, it’s when your fluff is rubbed off that you know you’ve been loved real good!


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