Show & Tell

My new summer skirt

I finally finished one of my summer skirts. Yes, I know, it’s just like the one on the pattern cover….almost. It’s the plain A line. I think the layered is cute, BUT when you’re nearly 50 and you’ve put on your 10 lb max menopause estrogen stores….well, there really is NO room for more fluff!! 😀 I do like the fit….for the first time in my lifetime of sewing I went by the measurements, not by what size I THINK I am…and so it fits very nicely, even though I don’t like the size!!!

The pattern called for a muslin lining. But I wanted a cool summer skirt, not a hot one. So I fudged the pattern and eliminated the lining and used a waistband facing instead. It turned out great! To do that I just layed the pattern out on some paper (of course it’s all that great packing paper I’ve saved-I knew it would come in handy!), trace the top and edges of the front and back and add 3-4 inches in length. I sewed it in just like the instructions called for using a lining. (I eye balled everything as always!) I would link back to the pattern, but to tell you the truth, I can’t remember how! 😀 Oh well, it is in a previous post…search under sewing.

With right sides facing I sewed it to the skirt. Then pressed it towards the facing. Folding it over I top stitched it in place with two rows, one very close to edge. Pressing is so important when sewing. Always keep your iron handy and hot!

I turned it under about 1/4-1/2″ and top stitched it. Then whip stitched it close to the zipper.

Okie Dokie, that’s enough of the modeling. It’s very comfy with the waist just falling below my natural waist and resting on my upper hips….whow, what wouldn’t these days! 😀

The quilt on our bed was made by My dear Mother in Law many yrs ago. I need to take it off because we’ve loved it so much it’s starting to wear and I’d really like to preserve it. Just a side note: At the time we had a Queen sized bed, now a King, so all I did was flip the quilt and it fit perfectly!!! I guess maybe it’s time to make another quilt for my bed….maybe not so much pink for my Honey….but….I don’t think so….I LOVE PINK!!!! At least the walls aren’t pink!

Oh and I just had to show you how well it went with my new socks!!!

Here is the felted bag I’m working on. I got Kristin Nicholas‘ new book Colorful Stitchery and thought I’d use the paisley pattern on my felted bag. It’s not done, but I do love hand work of any kind. It’s been years since I’ve embroidered. I found this wonderful OLD sampler book that was my Gma’s and it’s so cool.

This is my felted bag w/ some of the embroidery work.

The copyright is 1947!!! That’s still the WWII era in Germany.

Pretty cool stuff!

These are the next pair of socks I’m knitting. I finally got out and found some little #2 sock needles. I love knitting with the bamboo needles. They make for a very smooth flow. The yarn is called “INDIA” and is by Dye Pot.


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