My Mental Health Friday~June 6

Alloway Creek Gardens & Herb Farm has an herb craftsy festival every first weekend in June (check for sure on dates). I’ve been planning to go for a couple months since Littlestown is only an hour from my home. This weekend is suppose to be a scorcher in MD, so yesterday AM while it was still 70 degrees and overcast, I said to myself, “self, you ought to go today and enjoy the cooler weather.” So, I did.

The drive up to Littlestown is rather nice since it goes through what is still rather rural country. I also found some pretty cheap gas; hold on to your hats….$3.93!!!! Wow, I thought I’d made a rather good find. The 1/4 tank I still had was at $3.59!!!!! Due to the outrageous gas prices I don’t go anywhere, except for my mental health days, and Friday is my designated my mental health day!!!!! 😀

This was my first time to Alloway Creek Herb Farm, it is a rather cute place where they don’t fight nature but work with it. They had Mullein growing alongside outbuildings and it looked lovely. I think I’ll move my one Mullein plant that I can find up to my herb garden. With it’s pretty velvety leaves and spikes of yellow flowers it will be beautiful.

I tried to capture some of the natural beauty at Alloway. I chatted with some of the vendors and had a good time. I met Tina Sams of The Essential Herbal magazine and we chatted about the essential need to plan for herbal remedies. Tina and I are both “students” at The Herb Mentor with John Gallagher, we’ve chatted on the forum and now have met face to face.

Tina Sams of The Essential Herbal

I chatted with Susan of Seasonal Expressions Art. She creates lovely gourds for the indoor and outdoor. I was interested in knowing if she had gourds for Purple Martins, since Purple Martins are garden guarders! I’d like to have a couple for my garden to keep the crows out! Susan and her husband John were so sweet. We talked for quite a while about a number of things, being that I do tend to travel on bunny trails most of the time!

Susan & John

The next set of photos are from Alloway Herb Farm.


Silver Artemesia???

My Purchase(s)

Rose Scented Geraniums

Calendula…Herb of the Year

Cool Terra Cotta Bee Skeep

One of the vendors was Beth Edwards of Shining Crow Designs. She hand makes silver jewelry and her work was beautiful….so I bought a few things. One reason I really liked her work is she uses a very fine 40lb test stainless wire that’s coated with something or other, then she strings silver or beads and silver and crystals. It makes for a very light and flexible bracelet and anklet and I don’t like anything bulky.

Anklet and earrings for Becca

Anklet for me…sorry it’s not focused well.

Beautiful (pic doesn’t do justice!) Unakite & Crystal Bracelet for me.

I think that about does it! I did have a great and relaxing day. Came home and hung the laundry, fixed dinner and vacuumed the bed bug cleaner from the mattresses and made them!

Oh and I can’t forget my very best friend who just had to get in on things….I wanted a pic of the evening primrose and He just had to have his picture taken….so I said, “smile”….he did!

My Best Friend BOOMER!!!!


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