Mmmmmm Liver!

I never thought I’d say this. But here I am 50 in October and I finally love liver!!!! I remember my mom trying to get us to eat chicken liver when we were kids…. BLUCK! As I’ve grasped the importance of eating traditional nourishing foods, I’ve grown to love liver. My friend Ann Marie, over at Cheeseslave blog had a great recipe for Balthazar’s Chicken Liver Mousse and boy is it delicious. I’ll confess right now, I’ve never made a mousse until today, and it turned out. All I could think about was Sabrina, and how she traveled all the way to Paris to learn how to cook and her mousse or was that a soufflé didn’t work….it was a soufflé. Oh well, you can see I’m not a chef, but a cook. No matter, you must try this Liver Mousse it really is wonderful. Since I’m experimenting with eating Sour Dough bread, I toasted some and ate on that…mmmm!

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