Support Your Local Farmer

Henny & Penny

Yesterday our local farmer friend traveled a 3 hr journey to deliver freshly culled (killed) soy free chickens. They were processed yesterday morning and in my book, there aint nothin fresher than that! The price has gone up $1/lb since last year due to feed expenses, but what hasn’t. Our last delivery was in November when I ordered 20 chickens and actually got 15 due to a shortage. We averaged a chicken a week over the winter and made it to spring. My freezer had a few bare spots, I figure that a packed freezer costs less to run than a half full one….so last night I packed it tight with my 19 chickens. We ate one off the grill for dinner and ohhhhhhhhhhh my goodness was it sooooooo gooooood!!!!! Man, the freshness and the flavor was out of this world. I licked my fingers clean and nearly took my tongue to the plate, but I resisted this time!


Now we have a split side of a Scottish Highland, 19 soy free chickens, 1 Muscovy Duck, 6 gallons of Raw Milk, 5 lbs Raw Butter and many other sundries in our upright freezer. I just banked against inflation! We’d rather invest our money this way, then in the bank…..come on….they want to give us how much? Ok, so we’re passing up MAYBE $12 yr in interest!!!! But I’m guaranteed that my food will not rise in cost! For me that’s a much better investment along with that upright we bought 8 yrs ago for $350.  Practically all the food in our house comes from our local farmers the rest goes to Trader Joe’s and is only about $250/mo.   This is good for our health and the quality of our food, but it also puts revenue back into our local economy.    Please support you local farmers!  Bank against inflation!


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