All Sewed Up

Aren’t these beautiful. They came from my perennial garden. I really love the Paprika Yarrow, it’s a lovely deep red color.

This weekend I decided to pull my good old sewing machine out of storage. Since I’ve been recovering at a great rate and no longer living in a coma, I have a passion for all the things I’ve loved doing in the past 50 yrs. One of them is sewing. As I posted the other day, my daughter and I are a hankerin for some cute summer skirts. Sew……I made a few. The pattern is super easy, however with my challenged recovering brain, I still have my difficulty with math and logic.

I am the reason seam rippers were invented!!!!! I made one skirt and since it was a wrap skirt I could try it on even though it is for my tiny daughter. OK, I tried it on at least 10 times and was talking to myself to boot, as I usually do…..”these people just don’t know what they’re talking about, this pattern is all wrong.” YES, I did that at least 10 times…..the skirt was all wrong! How could this be???? This is how my brain still works…I just can’t see the problem. (Can you get a whiff of life around here for mostly the past 3 yrs?) It had to be the pattern……then of course the light came on…..oh yea, it’s probably ME!!! I go back to the pattern and sure enough……OK, it was me. ;( That’s why they invented a seam ripper. I had to take the whole thing apart. BUT, the second one I got right….however, I need to alter the pattern. As you can see, the overlapping to tie it causes it to rise….not pretty. Becca wants me to cut the tie off and add a button. That works for me.

Cute red shoes!

I also managed to get this new apron made and I got a looker on the way to pick-up the trash cans this AM! I just waved!!! Hasn’t a guy seen a lady in an apron lately?  I must say, I did have a spring in my step and felt quite feminine in my apron!


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